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Building Construction

We are involved in the construction of property including..View More »

Steel Fabrication

We provide high standards for structural steel design..View More »

Construction Equipment

We supply a broad range of general construction equipment..View More »

Welcome to Concorde Construction

Ahmad Alkhatib Investments Limited T/A Concorde Construction is a foreign private construction company in Lusaka, Zambia that was established in 2012. Founder of the company Mr. Ahmad Alkhatib has moved from Jordan to Zambia to start a new investment in construction industry.

With a 30 years experience in construction industry in general and special experience in design, manufacture and supply of structural steel buildings, erection and engineering. Mr. Alkhatib has founded a solid core for Concorde Construction to expand, develop and serve the Zambian market with highest quality and standards.

Meanwhile, we make sure that the skills of our experienced team of expatriates are being transferred to local work force to help developing their skills and well-being.. more »

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